Talking about sustainability is one thing, taking things into action is another. This is what MW:M thinks, which not only focuses on sustainability at this year’s conference but also puts it into practice.
When it comes to sustainability, MOST WANTED: MUSIC is being serious. Alongside diversity, sustainability is not only a buzzword that runs through the program of MW:M19. It is also being realized behind the scenes – regarding the choice of location, regional cooperations or waste disposal. All in all, MW:M aims to minimise its CO₂ footstep.
Olaf Kretschmar, organizer, CEO und Cluster Manager of Berlin Music Commission, summarizes the sustainable actions of MW:M19:

When organising the event, we consciously work with local companies. For example, this year’s catering comes from Suppengrün, a family-owned business that purchases its ingredients from the Berlin area. At MW:M19, we are also introducing a cup deposit system to produce less waste. To this end, we will also collect all waste separately disposing it in biodegradable waste bags. The venue Alte Münze, to which we moved last year, is very supportive of these plans.

– Olaf “Gemse” Kretschmar, CEO of BMC

Less Waste, More Music: MW:M19’s Green Footstep

When it comes to sustainability, MW:M19 does much more behind the scenes. Here’s a list of measures, MW:M takes to build a greener event:

What MW:M19 already converts at this year’s convention, is being discussed in various panels, session and workshops. Learn more about a sustainable music industry from MW:M’s various, renowned speakers – as we’ve listed them here.

This blog post was first published for MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2019.

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